Remove, penetrate, promote, lift and replenish.
Our unique Balinese style treatment makes your skin naturally luminous.
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・ Clay pack or scrub
・ Oil treatment (face & décolleté)
・Low frequency lift-up
・ Beauty pack
・ Finish by Moisturizing

A slow and thorough treatment will help tighten and clarify your skin.

※During facial mask, you will be treated from décolleté to fingertips as well as your head.

Petite facial80分 ¥9,400


Petite facial

・Oil treatment (Face, décolleté)
・lotion (head, arms to fingertips)
・ Beauty pack
・ Moisturizing

With our Balinese techniques, it stimulates the flow of veins and lymphatic system to make your skin radiant and firm.

Petite facial 50分 ¥6,800



Head and shoulders

Loosen your scalp line and massage your décolleté, shoulder, and back while giving comfortable stimulation to your entire head. Recommended for those with eye strain, stiff shoulders, headaches, etc. This is a menu with an excellent relaxing effect.

※After the treatment, hair dryers are available for blow drying.

Head and shoulders 50分 ¥5,900


The feet tend to get tired due to coldness and standing long hours.
This treatment is said to help reduce cellulite and swelling in the legs and feet.
In our salon, we perform foot treatment on bed for relaxation purpose.


Foot bandage

bandage(30分) + Foot(50分)
After massaging from your toes to both sides of your feet with oil of your choice, by wrapping bandage tightly around your feet, it stimulates blood circulation and reduce swelling, leading to slender, toned, and clarified feet. While the bandage is wrapped, we will massage and relax your lower back.

Foot bandage70分 ¥7,800